YugaTech Giveaway: Own this Sony Xperia P

Sony Philippines thru Yugatech is giving away a Sony Xperia. That’s right folks, giving away. I wanted this. Never had a Sony phone before AND simply because — Sony Rises. :]


Manila Monday

Reboot. Connect. Exit.  Reboot. Connect. Exit. I have wasted the whole day today on this steady pattern. This is what happens when you rely on a SmartBro Broadband stick for internet connections on your WinXp? Wasted Monday. Literally squandered.

We’re Not The Fortunate Ones For TDKR

Pegging from Manila’s cost of living standards, the price to pay for enjoying a view of The Dark Knight Rises in one of the choice theaters here would be equal to a couple of decent fastfood meals. Or three pairs of undies. Or three days allowance for the grade schooler.
The price could pay for a lot of common-use household supplies. A booty.

We are in a hand-to-mouth existence. We’ll just have to wait till the TDKR fever chills down. Then we’ll be alright again.