Help Save Manila Bay

Is Manila Bay clean?

Yes. It’s twenty-four carat immaculate — last century.

You can lend a hand in saving this gem of the Philippines without leaving your seat. Simply “Like” the photo over here. The image, through the Germany-Philippines Chamber of Commerce Inc,. wishes to send a message to the city government, to the chiefdom himself, to the home rule, or to the vox populi, to do what they have failed to do for a long long time now.


Monday. Aimless.

I came upon this junker sitting on the bicycle lane so I tried to make a pass. But a red Honda — meters behind me — gave me a strong honk. Wouldn’t allow me. Not for a single second.

Bike lane no moreIt’s every cyclist’s woe here at the CCP Complex: motorists treat bikers like fungi and the bicycle lanes like jokes.

Anyway, what is not normal is, what am I doing riding around on the first working day of the week? We are enjoying a long holiday here in Manila right now.

Look around.

Crossing Roxas Boulevard.Crossing Roxas Boulevard.

All quiet on the waterfrontAll quiet on the waterfront

I think that I shall never see,  a poem lovely as a treeI think that I shall never see,  a poem lovely as a tree

Bataan, from the other side of Manila bayBataan, from the other side of Manila bay

DuskEvening in Baywalk

Oh I Love You Roxas Boulevard, Please Don’t Go Away

Earlier in the middle of a Manila moonsoon surge yesterday, a photo by Mark Zambrano  of @gmanews created a not-so-short exchange of interesting tweets. You see, his appalling image of Roxas Boulevard being deluged by the waters of Manila Bay was re-posted by another newscaster without his permission, consent, or worse, without a credit.

Well,  actually, we can live with some people making off with some of our things sometimes. But in this case, let me tell you why — if I were in Mr. Zambrano’s shoes– there will be no allowing people to get away with this photo. Number one, this is a classic one. The occurrence, the angle. None has captured this unusual phenomenon (from an unlikely angle) as awesome as this. The guy from the other network must’ve been so awed and couldn’t resist keeping her hands off of it. Never mind the crisp, Instagram enhancements, the vehicles can rightfully give the look and feel of Mother Nature’s wrath.

Roxas Boulevard moonsoon surge. Photo by Mark Zambrano GMANews

Secondly, it’s simply not right to allow the fruit of one’s labor to be enjoyed by another especially if the latter is coming from, get this, a rival network station.

So much for the newsmen, now for the news. And I tell you, this is news! The sea is reclaiming back Roxas Boulevard!