We Can’t All Be Heroes. Somebody Has To Applaud When They Go By

This is to express our most genuine thankfulness to the men and women, locals and foreigners of different nations who have VOLUNTEERED  to plunge their lives in a dangerous and pressing search and rescue operation in the Secretary Robredo plane tragedy. This land has never witnessed such astounding heroism, helping hand and harmony in a very long long while.

Though we mourn for the passing of a one great son, amid all these, we have seen something to celebrate about in the human spirit. We have seen it in Masbate. Without species like you, humanity cannot survive.

Thank you all.

Heroism. Helping hand. Harmony. The world has a good chance after all



In a strange turn of events at the height of last Tuesday’s perfect storm, the worst to hit Manila in three years, rescuers found themselves at the laughing end of the very people they expected to look up to them as their heroes and lifesavers. The flooded citizenry, laid out in perilous situations, most of them clinging on their roofs, not only refused to be rescued, but also jeered and made cracks at their saviors who were made up of local police, Coast Guards and volunteers.

The WHY: the folks just couldn’t leave their homes and valuables unattended. Come hell or high water.

Phot REUTERS/Erik De CastroIf it was The Great Flood and Noah were to build his ark last Tuesday in Manila, he would have the same frustrations he got ten thousand years ago.