Philippine Teachers Prefer Across-the-board Incentive Over Performance Bonus

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) appeals to Budget Department and Malacanang to retain the amount of P10, 000 productivity enhancement incentive (PEI) for all government employees or raise it to P15, 000.00 instead of the P5, 000.00 PEI and performance-based bonus (PBB) on top of it for this year. The group argued that until now, most of the people from the Department of Education (DepEd) especially the teachers are not aware on the amount of their bonus.


“We appreciate the generosity of the government for granting this bonus, however, we appeal that the P10, 000.00 PEI it granted since year 2007 be retained or raised regardless of the amount of the PBB.” said Benjo Basas, Caloocan City teacher and TDC’s national chairperson. “We further hope that said bonus will be given on time” he continued.

In previous years, PEI is released to government employees before Christmas break. “However, since the guidelines to determine the performance of agencies was only released by the inter-agency task force (IATF) lead by DBM last November 12, the agencies would have a hard time to comply with the intricate requirements to determine the eligibility of agencies and employees to the performance-based bonus.” Basas added.


According to the EO No. 80 of this year, which is also the basis of the IATF’s MC No. 2012-03,   government officials and employees would be entitled to a PEI in the amount of P5, 000.00 and a performance-based bonus that varies depending on the performance of the agency and the individual employee. Thus the bonus would range from P5, 000.00 for the good performing individuals in a good performing agency up to P35, 000.00 for the best performing individuals in the best performing agencies. Best performing agencies are those in the top 10% while the better performing are those in the next 25% and the good performing or actually the least performing agencies are those in the bottom 65 per cent.

The TDC also warn that division and disparity in the field may occur due to these guidelines. “For this particular year, we are not convinced that this performance-based bonus shall be implemented. It might cause disparity and would further divide the field. Everyone would be comparing his/her bonus to colleagues and perhaps would question the evaluation process.” Basas explained.

Basas clarified however that his group is not against giving incentives to performer and agrees that the non-performing employees or agencies should have less incentives, but, “We should be very careful in evaluating the performance of individuals and agencies. There should be a clear-cut policy and incontestable process. Our fear is that if we let the evaluation of performance to discretion of the unit head, objectivity might be questionable. Given the time left for the whole system to do it, then it might be prone to inconsistencies.” Basas furthered.

The group is planning to meet with DBM officials to clarify the matter.

“We believe that there should be a performance-based merit system, but we also believe that a mechanism for an effective measurement especially for this year is not ready.” Basas ended. #


We Can’t All Be Heroes. Somebody Has To Applaud When They Go By

This is to express our most genuine thankfulness to the men and women, locals and foreigners of different nations who have VOLUNTEERED  to plunge their lives in a dangerous and pressing search and rescue operation in the Secretary Robredo plane tragedy. This land has never witnessed such astounding heroism, helping hand and harmony in a very long long while.

Though we mourn for the passing of a one great son, amid all these, we have seen something to celebrate about in the human spirit. We have seen it in Masbate. Without species like you, humanity cannot survive.

Thank you all.

Heroism. Helping hand. Harmony. The world has a good chance after all

Monday. Aimless.

I came upon this junker sitting on the bicycle lane so I tried to make a pass. But a red Honda — meters behind me — gave me a strong honk. Wouldn’t allow me. Not for a single second.

Bike lane no moreIt’s every cyclist’s woe here at the CCP Complex: motorists treat bikers like fungi and the bicycle lanes like jokes.

Anyway, what is not normal is, what am I doing riding around on the first working day of the week? We are enjoying a long holiday here in Manila right now.

Look around.

Crossing Roxas Boulevard.Crossing Roxas Boulevard.

All quiet on the waterfrontAll quiet on the waterfront

I think that I shall never see,  a poem lovely as a treeI think that I shall never see,  a poem lovely as a tree

Bataan, from the other side of Manila bayBataan, from the other side of Manila bay

DuskEvening in Baywalk


In a strange turn of events at the height of last Tuesday’s perfect storm, the worst to hit Manila in three years, rescuers found themselves at the laughing end of the very people they expected to look up to them as their heroes and lifesavers. The flooded citizenry, laid out in perilous situations, most of them clinging on their roofs, not only refused to be rescued, but also jeered and made cracks at their saviors who were made up of local police, Coast Guards and volunteers.

The WHY: the folks just couldn’t leave their homes and valuables unattended. Come hell or high water.

Phot REUTERS/Erik De CastroIf it was The Great Flood and Noah were to build his ark last Tuesday in Manila, he would have the same frustrations he got ten thousand years ago.

Manila In The Eye Of The Storm

We are currently in the middle of the worst storm in three years. So far as of this writing awful news continue to pile up: a landslide in Quezon City with countless fatalities; North Luzon Expressway impassable; thousands of stranded citizens everywhere; Metro Manila and nearby provinces under water, large areas in DEEPER waters. Universities and Colleges have suspended their classes as well as government and private offices. And this is not even a typhoon! They call it torrential rains and this has been going on for nearly 40 hours now and no end in sight.

I have compiled some images I have witnessed today (and surely there’s a lot more coming) from various social media networks with their corresponding photographer and I hope I made it right in naming them.











Oh I Love You Roxas Boulevard, Please Don’t Go Away

Earlier in the middle of a Manila moonsoon surge yesterday, a photo by Mark Zambrano  of @gmanews created a not-so-short exchange of interesting tweets. You see, his appalling image of Roxas Boulevard being deluged by the waters of Manila Bay was re-posted by another newscaster without his permission, consent, or worse, without a credit.

Well,  actually, we can live with some people making off with some of our things sometimes. But in this case, let me tell you why — if I were in Mr. Zambrano’s shoes– there will be no allowing people to get away with this photo. Number one, this is a classic one. The occurrence, the angle. None has captured this unusual phenomenon (from an unlikely angle) as awesome as this. The guy from the other network must’ve been so awed and couldn’t resist keeping her hands off of it. Never mind the crisp, Instagram enhancements, the vehicles can rightfully give the look and feel of Mother Nature’s wrath.

Roxas Boulevard moonsoon surge. Photo by Mark Zambrano GMANews

Secondly, it’s simply not right to allow the fruit of one’s labor to be enjoyed by another especially if the latter is coming from, get this, a rival network station.

So much for the newsmen, now for the news. And I tell you, this is news! The sea is reclaiming back Roxas Boulevard!