Help Save Manila Bay

Is Manila Bay clean?

Yes. It’s twenty-four carat immaculate — last century.

You can lend a hand in saving this gem of the Philippines without leaving your seat. Simply “Like” the photo over here. The image, through the Germany-Philippines Chamber of Commerce Inc,. wishes to send a message to the city government, to the chiefdom himself, to the home rule, or to the vox populi, to do what they have failed to do for a long long time now.


Monday. Aimless.

I came upon this junker sitting on the bicycle lane so I tried to make a pass. But a red Honda — meters behind me — gave me a strong honk. Wouldn’t allow me. Not for a single second.

Bike lane no moreIt’s every cyclist’s woe here at the CCP Complex: motorists treat bikers like fungi and the bicycle lanes like jokes.

Anyway, what is not normal is, what am I doing riding around on the first working day of the week? We are enjoying a long holiday here in Manila right now.

Look around.

Crossing Roxas Boulevard.Crossing Roxas Boulevard.

All quiet on the waterfrontAll quiet on the waterfront

I think that I shall never see,  a poem lovely as a treeI think that I shall never see,  a poem lovely as a tree

Bataan, from the other side of Manila bayBataan, from the other side of Manila bay

DuskEvening in Baywalk